Briarcliffe swim club

board of directors

Exective Committee
President John Lacey
Vice President Danny Ruane
Treasurer Mike Ryan
Recording Secretary Joyce Rorabaugh
Sargent of Arms Barbara Collins



Board Members
Rita Ash Mark Finley
Bill Byers Mike Hiltner
Mike Fitz John Lacey
Chris Doran Brian Newmiller
Eric Walkowiak Janine Kaebadj



Operations Committee
Chair Danny Ruane
Vice Chair Bill Myers
Members Mike Ryan
  Mark Finley
  John Lacey


Swim Team Committee
Chair Chris Doran
Vice Chair Bill Myers
Members Janine Kaebadj
  Rita Ash


P & E Committee
Chair Joyce Rorabaugh
Vice Chair Janine Kaebadj
Members Rita Ash
  Mike Hiltner
  Barbara Collins


Nominations Committee
Chair Chris Doran
Vice Chair Eric Walkowiak
Member Barbara Collins


Snack Bar Committee
Chair John Lacey
Vice Chair Barbara Collins
Members Joyce Rorabaugh
  Brian Newmiller


Membership Committee
Chair Barbara Collins
Vice Chair Rita Ash
Members Joyce Rorabough
  Eric Walkowiak


B.I.M. Committee
Chair Mike Fitz/Brian Newmiller
Vice Chair Mike Hiltner
Members Danny Ruane
  Eric Walkowiak
  John Lacey
  Mark Finley
  Chris Doran


Electrical Safety Committee
Chair Mike Hiltner
Vice Chair Mike Fitz
Member Mark Finley


Grievance Committee
Chair Joyce Rorabough
Vice Chair John Lacey
Member Chris Doran


Finance Committee
Chair Mike Ryan
Vice Chair John Lacey
Members Joyce Rorabough
  Mike Fitz


Steerage Committee
Chair Bill Myers
Vice Chair Mike Ryan
Members Pool Managers


Management Staff
Assistant Manager  
Assistant Manager  
Assistant Manager  


Swim Coach Staff
Head Coach  
Assistant Coach  




club hours

Monday to Saturday
11:00 am to 9:00 PM

12:00 pm to 9:00 PM.

*The club may be closed at any time in the interest of safety by the acting manager (electrical storm, pool maintenance etc).

guest passes

weekday $8.00
weekend $9.00
After 6:00 pm $4.00

Card for 10 passes $70.00*

*Only good for the 2018 Season

Swimming is

a skill for life!

swim Lessons are available for members.

Please see gate attendant for information and sign up. spaces are limited..


contact us for information

or call (610) 534-0763